Hair Follicle Drug Tests Are Not Quite As Foolproof As We Thought

The hair follicle drug test is one of the popular options available now for workplace drug testing. Urine testing is more prevalent, but hair sample testing is more accurate and lasts longer. The public has long believed that the hair follicle test is fool proof.

There is plenty of evidence of government labs and other official testers turning to this newer method because of its many benefits over the standard urine sample in drug testing. However, there are some cheats to beat the test according to, there are several proven ways to pass a hair drug test today. And given the number of comments on this page, it’s clear that a LOT of people are trying them.

As a result, many users now turn to cleansers and other solution in an attempt to beat the system.

Why do so many testers seem so keen on this hair follicle method over other models?

Testers have long believed that hair follicle drug tests are unbeatable because of some simple measures. First of all, we cannot swap samples and tamper with evidence in the same way as we can with a urine sample.

(Source: Vasishtan Vig)

There is a direct removal of the hair from the head with no time to make any change. This simplicity and strict practice should ensure that the results achieved are correct. Tested then cut up the sample and test it with chemicals to release the relevant compounds. The results of this test can vary in complexity depending on the type of drug panel chosen.

Some companies look at a small range of drugs, with marijuana a common target. Other branches out to less common substances, and there are even those that can find synthetic substances and “legal highs”.

The other reason for the popularity of the test is the detection window on this system. Urine samples are great for traces of drugs from the past few days, but no further. A hair sample provides a section of growth that can stretch for months. This increases the chance of highlighting habitual use and those that may try and cleanse before a test.

Current legal and testing issues show that the system isn’t as problem free as testers would have us believe.

Positive stories of new hair follicle drug testing paint the issue in a positive light. However, there are plenty of people less impressed with this alternative methods. Warnings and concerns occurred earlier in the year when more and more individuals began to notice the potential for racial bias in the hair drug test.

Many now wonder if the method is somehow rigged against them. The most infamous case is the ongoing appeal of African-American cops in the Boston police force. The force suspended them for traces of cocaine, and they insist the results have more to do with race than guilt.

Another big issue here is the risk of contamination of substances with hair left in contact with trace chemicals, such as through others smoking in the vicinity. This is a problem for those that abstain from smoking before testing, or do not smoke at all, but are social around those that do.

Testers deny this risk, as they look at the cortex and feel topical contamination would not be significant. Users have challenged drug tests based on this idea. Naturally, these cases and issues lead to growing desires to beat the system. There is that glimmer of hope that test subjects can beat the system if the system isn’t perfect.

There is also a growing desire to beat these hair follicle drug tests from a legal standpoint. The legalization of marijuana has changed the game for a lot of people.

Remember that these sorts of treatments and tests are only going to become more and more popular in states with new marijuana legislation.

The legalization of marijuana, either on a medical or recreational standpoint, is a positive thing for all those that enjoy the drug and have no problem with using it responsibly in their own homes. There is a gray area when it comes to workplace drug testing.

Workplace Drug Testing.

The United States, where recreational marijuana is legal, can still test employees for all kinds of drugs. They are illegal substances, such as cocaine and opiates, but some also test for legal marijuana and painkillers. It all depends on the testers and the options in the drug panel. This allows employers to test current employees and applicants for marijuana use, with the right to suspend them or refuse employment if proven to be regular users.

The company point of view here is simple. They don’t want an employee with a drug habit when that habit may affect performance and worker safety. This isn’t always about the legality of the drug involved. Still, many few this action as an invasion of privacy and violation of rights. They feel punished for enjoying something that is now legal, even when the user has nothing to do with their work.

Naturally, people in these situations will want to find the best possible solution to pass a hair follicle drug test or any drug test for that matter. They don’t want to give up their legal weed just to seem “reliable” in the workplace.

There are plenty of people that claim that they can beat the system with the right solution. Positive stories of passed tests by marijuana users offer some hope for those with tests on the horizon. Still, the legitimacy of these claims can vary from case to case. One story of success is enough for many to feel as though cleanses and other forms of evasion may be worth a try.

Let’s start with all the options that are problematic for beating hair follicle drug tests.

Cutting, Shaving, and Dying Hair

This seems like the obvious approach for many facing hair follicle drug tests. Testers can’t detect contaminated hair if the hair isn’t there anymore. Some shave their hair, removing all evidence. This looks very suspicious to employers and testers who will think you have something to hide. Besides, they will then ask to take a sample of body hair instead.

Some go as far as shaving the whole body, but this looks even more suspicious of anyone but professional swimmers. Cutting the hair into a shorter style is less noticeable, but won’t be enough to remove the area of the testing sample. Dying the hair may affect the structure, but again it could be a red flag.

The Detox Cleanse

There are some mixed responses to the full detox cleanse for hair follicle drug tests. Some people swear by it and claim that it really can work. Others may not get the result they want and will damage their hair for nothing. Users must clean their hair thoroughly in the week leading up the test, and use a recommended shampoo the morning of the test.

There are two cleaning methods here. Method one is the Macujo methods that rely on Nexus Aloe Rid shampoo, acetic acid, salicylic acid and laundry detergent. It is harsh but thorough. Method two requires users to bleach and dye their hair twice in the space of two weeks. The obvious issues with both are the hair damage from the bleach and stripping agents. The changes could be noticeable, and testers could get suspicious.

Many testers believe that they can easily spot the signs of those that have attempted to tamper with their air in preparation for the test. This means those that have tried chemical washes, dyes, and other agents to strip the hair.

The problem with these stripping agents is that the impact on the hair follicle is often clear and the chemicals that testers look for are often found deep in the cortex of the hair, where there is greater protection from this “stripping” effect.

There is the belief from some that testers will catch anyone that tries to strip their hair in this manner, or tries to avoid a hair follicle test in any way. This is why companies and labs often push for hair testing over urine and saliva options. However, there are some people that believe they can get around the system.

Then there are those that are not without their risk but may have the potential to work.

Detox Shampoos

Detox Shampoo

There are some shampoos designed to offer a deep cleanse that will provide a great result for hair follicle drug tests.

Nexus Aloe Rid shampoo is a common choice among test subjects. This is partly due to the formula and results, and partly due to its use in the cleanse above. Those that are occasional users, without months of chemicals in the bloodstream and hair, may see results with the shampoo alone. Regular washing with this shampoo helps with a deeper cleanse for a better sample. This is perhaps the best middle ground option.

Some people succeed with the right shampoo, with the right chemicals. At the same time, these chemicals and cleansing methods aren’t are intense as the methods above. There are less noticeable damage and the chance to slip under the radar.

Still, there are problems with this approach and the availability of products. The first issue is that the rise in drug testing and marijuana use means an increase in products. There is a potential for improvements and positive changes. There is also a risk of fraudsters cashing in on a craze with overpriced solutions with no proven effect.

The second issue is that many users insist that the best formulas for the job are often in older products, as new formulas are too weak. This is a problem because it limits availability and makes users look for items that may be out of date. It also increases the risk of retailers cashing in on this demand.

Natural Detox

The only alternative here for hair follicle drug tests is the natural detox. There are problems with all of the methods raised so far – some more than others. We have to take into account the option of the natural detox, as an alternative to the chemical processes used above.

A long natural detox of 90 days is the only 100% guaranteed approach to pass the test. This lets users flush out the system and the toxins in the blood, so the chemical can’t get in the hair.

The main problem here is that it takes a long time to get all the chemicals out of the system. This is longer than many users wish to remain clean, especially if their drug use is legal. It is the only truly foolproof method, but it is not practical. It is unlikely that an employer will give 90 days notice on a pre-employment test. It is also worthless for random drug testing.

This is a difficult subject with two sides to deal with.

On the one hand, there are those that accuse testers of scaremongering and falsifying claims that nobody can beat the test. Some labs and agencies may over-hype the potential of these hair follicle drug tests to increase take-up and discourage users. Issues with people beating the system with detox shampoos and the current issue of racial bias don’t help matters.

On the other side, there are those that perhaps place too much stock in these detox methods. There are options out there for those that want to try and beat this test, but none of them are that good. Some people that pass the test after cleanses may just be lucky. All users run the risk of hair damage and must commit to a lot of effort.

So what should you do to beat hair follicle drug tests?

If you are a legitimate user of legal marijuana, you want the best option to help you get past this obstacle. The safest, most foolproof option is still the natural detox to rid the whole body of chemicals. But, this is not practical or fair for those exercising their rights to smoke legal marijuana as and when they choose.

Detox can work, but they are a lot of hassle and will pretty much destroy your hair in the process. The best middle ground is to stop using before the test, use one of the more gentle detox shampoos and hope for the best. Hair follicle drug tests may not be 100% foolproof, but neither are the solutions.

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