What Are Club Drugs

Introduction Of Club Drugs

Raves and drugs go hand in hand. The culture of the rave and clubbing, and the style of music, all contribute to the ongoing popularity of drug use. This is not a phenomenon of the 1990s. Club drugs are still used across the country, and the range of options is growing.

The Number One Choice In Club Drugs For Most Ravers Is Ecstasy

When we think of club drugs, we tend to immediately think of ecstasy and its related substances. This means ecstasy pills, MDMA power, and new drugs like Molly. Some clubbers and ravers are under the impression that Molly and MDMA are the same things. This is not always the case. MDMA is the pure basis for many of these club drugs, but not all club drugs are pure MDMA. Molly and similar legal highs can contain a range of chemicals for a cheaper thrill.

There are lots of different pills under lots of different names. Most come in tablet form, but there are also powders that can users snort. Some are new alternatives designed to offer a better high. Others are merely slang terms. These drugs go by names such as E, Essence, X-TC, MDM, M&Ms and Love Drugs.

The rise of Herbal Ecstasy came about to appeal to those that want a “safer” more natural way to take these drugs. They contain Caffeine and Ephedrine, as well as other unknown elements, and go by names like Cloud 9 or Rave Energy.

Why Is Ecstasy So Popular Within The Raver Community?

Drug Pill

Ecstasy grew in popularity in the mid-1980s/early-1990s as the best club drug to enhance the sensation of the rave. The drugs offer a new sense of self-awareness. This means that users can feel more and appreciate the experience on a new level. This new experience provides a stimulant effect, although not on the same level as cocaine of amphetamines.

It also leads to hallucinations and a need for social interaction. It can take as little as 20 minutes for the drug to take effect and the high can last for up to 5 hours. Rivers, therefore, feel that it is the perfect drug for the close-knit environment of nightclubs and raves. It also allows them to enjoy the party for long periods. It is easy to see why so many ravers turn to ecstasy. Today, ecstasy, MDMA, and Molly remain club drugs of choice in the EDM community because of these properties.

The Appeal Is Clear, But That Doesn’t Mean That There Aren’t Dangers To Taking Ecstasy

Ecstasy has its plus side for users. At its best, it enhances a fun experience via a simple, accessible pill. It is easy to take and not as expensive as other options. The problem is that the experiences aren’t always positive. Club drugs like this have their dangerous side. This is particularly the case if users don’t know precisely what they are taking or how much they can handle.

MDMA and ecstasy can lead to psychological issues such as anxiety and paranoia. On-going use can lead to confusion, sleep disorders and depression for weeks after taking the drug. Some users may overdose during the high and then suffer debilitating comedowns. This can involve sweating, chills and prolonged periods of fatigue. These effects can be even more dangerous with Molly and other chemical substitutes. Then there is the problem of addiction. The desire to take ecstasy to enjoy oneself can be overwhelming after that initial hit. It doesn’t take long for an occasional pill at a rave once a month to turn into substance abuse.

Ecstasy And MDMA Are Far From The Only Club Drugs That Ravers Need To Concern Themselves With

The list of club drugs that drug addiction treatment centers deal with is long and varied. Many ravers may choose to take ecstasy, but there are many other alternatives. Key substances of interest include the following:


In many ways, LSD was the forefather of Ecstasy. It was the original love drug of the counter-culture – before raves came about. This is an unpredictable hallucinogen that goes beyond the reach of ecstasy. A pill or tab can work quickly and alter a user’s mood rapidly. Side effects include poor temperature regulation, high blood pressure, tremors and insomnia.

Magic Mushrooms

Club Drugs- Magic Mushrooms

Shrooms, to give them their slang name, are an attractive alternative in hallucinogens because of their natural origin. They can produce vivid trips with hallucinations and time distortion. Bad experiences involve psychosis and convulsion and potentially death. Some users have also experienced flashbacks after the event.


Ketamine is an animal tranquilizer was re-purposed as a club drug because of its numerous effects. It is a hallucinogen that users snort or inject for a high lasting up to 2 hours. It also has links to date rape drugs because of effects of numbness and disassociation.


GHB is a depressant that is also related to drugs such as Rohypnol because of its effects. It is a dangerous club drug because of the potential for overdose and interactions with alcohol and other drugs. Excessive use can result in a loss of consciousness and even comes. When mixed with alcohol or methamphetamine it can be deadly


The cat is the street name for 5.Methcathinone, a potent stimulant that brings the euphoric feelings of ecstasy with feelings of invisibility. Users often snort it or mix it into their drinks. Bad experiences involve hallucinations, anxiety, and paranoia. It can also cause headaches and heart problems.


This stimulant comes in a variety of forms. Some users will smoke it while others will ingest it, snort it or inject it. It is not just used as a club drug, but it is within this culture. Side effects can be severe, such as memory loss, aggression, and psychotic behavior. There is even the potential for cardiac and neurological damage.

Club Drugs Are Fun And Accessible, But They Are Also Diverse And Dangerous

The list of benefits from club drugs like ecstasy, LSD, Shrooms and ketamine highlight the appeal of these substances to ravers. The highs, when controlled, can improve the experience and these drugs compliment the scene.

The problem is that it is too easy to lose control. Unknown chemicals, inadequate doses, and interactions can make these club drugs highly dangerous and potentially lethal. It is vital that all ravers understand precisely what they are getting into.

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