Keep Ketamine Away From Kids


Ketamine is a schedule III drug in the US with a higher risk than some users may realize. As with most street and club drugs, there are many different terms used to describe it. Common slang names refer to the K of Ketamine, such as Super K, Special K, and Vitamin K. Other, names include Cat Tranquilizer and Cat Valium. These names refer to the original purpose of this drug.

What Is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a form of anesthetic from veterinarian practices. This “cat tranquilizer” was once used for that very purpose. It is now taken from these offices for sale on the street. The immediate danger with this synthetic drug comes from the fact that it originated as a PCP replacement. This means that the chemical structure and actions of the drug can mimic those of PCP.

This origin may come as a surprise to anyone that has bought Ketamine on the street. This drug is most often found in powder form, not as a liquid tranquilizer that ready for injection into cats. This is because producers evaporate the liquid to produce this more convenient substance.

Users deal and take the powder with ease. This means it, mixing it into drinks or simply snorting it. The nature of the drug is of great concern when it comes to law enforcement and detection. This is because of its odorless, tasteless nature and the way that its adoption as a date rape drug. The drug is so hard to detect that users add it to drink without the target realizing.


What Are The Effects Of Taking This Drug?

People take this drug because of its ability to cause a dream-like state where users feel detached from the world. Many will only experience this on a cognitive level. Others can experience numbness in the muscles and a sense of paralysis. This explains the use as both a date rape and a club drug. The problem is that there is a fine line between a fun trip and a bad one.


Numbness can be pleasant, but paralysis can be terrifying. Sensory detachment may be fun for short, controlled periods of hallucination. However, this can descend into uncontrolled trips that result in memory loss, delirium, anxiety and other cognitive issues.

In some cases, a bad trip can even raise the blood pressure and cause respiratory problems. Many Ketamine users are aware of the potential for hallucinations and disassociation and assume they are temporary issues. There are the usual, additional risks for those that have stolen the Ketamine to inject it directly.

Ketamine Is Full Of Hidden Dangers

The problem is that many users are unaware of the long-term issues involved. The agitation and cognitive impairments can continue for many weeks following the use of the drug. In some cases, this can even result in amnesia and depression. The more often that users take this club drug, the more likely they are to experience these long-term effects. Depression and flashbacks are just there start. There are also reports of kidney damage and bladder issues. This drug just isn’t worth the risk.


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