Synthetic Drugs Cheaper Not Better

Synthetic Drug Is Low-Quality Drug

There are a set of scary stories out there about the potential dangers of taking synthetic drugs like bath salts and Spice. Users can feel invincible, as feel, they have superpowers, and find themselves in life-threatening situations. Some may experience delusions and paranoia so severe that their actions land them in prison.

Others may take such a bad trip that they never return from. There are stories from the US of teens having sex with trees while calling themselves Thor, which may sound humorous on the surface. Sadly, the reality is far from it.

The Most Alarming Development In Street Drugs In Recent Years Has Been The Rise Of The “Zombie” Drug

Synthetic Marijuana

This new form of bath salts comes with such claims of potency that users have no control over their actions. Some turn to violent, sinister acts. A cannibalistic crime in Florida involving a 19-year student has links to the drug, although this is not confirmed. These synthetic drugs were originally designed as a cheap way to mimic effects of substances like ecstasy and MDMA.

They can offer feelings of euphoria and disassociation and bring people together on a night out. The problem is that this is just a small sample of the many potential effects. Hallucinations, anxiety and other cognitive issues can occur. Worse still, people are dying.

Why Are These Synthetic Drugs So Dangerous? What Is Going On Here?

That raises the question of what is going on when users take these synthetic street drugs in place of amphetamines. We know that drugs work on a chemical and neurological level, so what is different with these synthetic, “legal” highs? The drug causes two significant effects on the brain. The first is a chemical issue where levels of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin are no longer regulated.

The second is the way that the neurons in the brain fire uncontrollably at speed. This is the reason behind the irrational thought, delusions and odd behaviors associated with these new drugs. This brain activity can last for hours and often leads to seizures. The worse the drug, and the hit, the worse the damage to the function of the brain. Frequent use can be problematic with long-term implications.

So Why Don’t Users Just Quit? Why Are Synthetic Drugs Such A Problem In Society?

Non-users may assume that those that survive unscathed learn their lesson and vow never to touch the drugs again. This is easier said than done. The problem here is that the drugs are addictive and users become more tolerant to the effects. This then makes the drugs even more dangerous.

If that wasn’t enough, there is no guarantee on the chemical make-up of the drug and the impact it will have. Some users of synthetic drugs may have had a lucky escape with a so-called safe product that performed as expected. However, that doesn’t mean that the next packet they choose from a display will be the same.

There just is no good reason to choose a “legal” packet of these drugs. The impact and lasting damage are unpredictable, and the slippery slope to addiction is too dangerous.


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