Best STD Testing Options In The UK (2022 Update)

The sexual health of young adults is a subject the UK government continues to struggle with.

The number of STI/ STD testing carried out in 2020 remained the same as in previous years. This suggests that sexually active adults are still undergoing tests, with no clear drop or rise in demand. Yet, there has been a rise in some diseases, such as Chlamydia. This has led to increased efforts in education and awareness, to some degree.

But, there are still concerns about STI testing services. Users want the best possible tests and STD test kits with fast results, simple methods, and confidentiality. They also need those options to be affordable and accessible. Many … Read the rest

There Is A Global Rise In Synthetic Opioids Deaths

With synthetic opioids on the rise, researchers gathered for a conference on addiction received a grim update on the rising spread of street drugs laced with lethal synthetic opioids, including fentanyl.

The trend contributed to a crude increase in overdoses that left over 90,000 Americans dead over the 12 months ending in September 2020, as per the latest data.… Read the rest

Social Distancing Measures Not Slowing Down Drug Use

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to widespread social distancing measures to suppress the transmission of this virus. Social distancing has had a significant impact on nightlife, with many authorities temporarily banning parties in such settings. This has caused the temporary closure of clubs and the cancellation of dance festivals.

However, some forms of nightlife have moved to online platforms. Virtual reality and virtual happy hours have become a popular way for people to interact and experience live DJ performances while practicing social distancing. Virtual happy hours, in particular, are becoming more prevalent, although this phrase appears to apply to several kinds of social gatherings whether or not alcohol consumption is involved. Such virtual events can … Read the rest

Stop Before You Start – Avoiding Is the Best When It Comes To Tobacco Use

Everyone wants to lead a normal and healthy life, so do you really want to try tobacco? A healthy life includes following a nutritional diet, getting enough sleep at night, and being physically active or participating in sports. But there are certain habits that pose a danger to one’s health and cause devastating effects on their well-being. Smoking tobacco is one such harmful habit, and it is done by lots of people across the world.

There is a reason to be concerned about tobacco usage because the number of people who die due to smoking is alarmingly high. About 1,200 people lose their lives for being addicted to tobacco. Therefore, it is very important that … Read the rest

COVID-19 Stress, Anxiety, Or Stuck At Home – Where Can You Find Help?

The situation about responses to the COVID-19 outbreak is evolving. Up-to-date data can be found in the guidelines prepared by federal public health sources and the daily updates from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19) In The EU

Individuals who use drugs face the same risks as those of the general population and hence must know about the appropriate advice to lower their risk of infection. They may be subjected to additional risks, though, that need developing assessment and mitigation strategies.

These link to the behaviours associated with drug use. The settings where drug use takes place, or where care is provided. … Read the rest

Which Is Safer: Tobacco Cigarettes vs E-Cigarettes?

E-cigarettes or vaping has been marketed as a healthy alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, but what do you need to know about the potential risks?  In the US, an epidemic of vaping-related disorders has been linked to 2,000 cases of lung injury and 39 deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Donald Trump is considering plans to prohibit all flavored e-cigarette products after the spike in lung disorders. Health officials in America advise people to quit vaping until the cause of the deaths is clear.

It is thought that Vitamin E acetate, an oily chemical added to some THC vaping liquids, could be behind the mystery illness after the compound was found … Read the rest

Alcohol & Illegal Substances Are Used At Summer Festivals

Over the summer, people will gather at festivals to socialize and enjoy music.  But unfortunately, despite all the warnings, some will take drugs – but what exactly do we know about the illegal substances used and the dangers they could bring?

In May, two young people died at the Mutiny Festival in Portsmouth after organizers alerted the availability of dangerous drugs at the site.

The parents of sufferers Tommy Cowan, 20, and Georgia Jones, 18, warned others about drug use, but such stories aren’t uncommon – each year, we hear of people dying at festivals.

Knowing more about what people are consuming- and what the dangers might be – is imperative to protect them from … Read the rest

STIs Rising In the United Kingdom

Clinics are trying to cope with an increase in sexually transmitted diseases or STIs rising, a health expert has warned.  Identification of syphilis in Wales rose by 53% from 2016 to 2017, while instances of gonorrhoea went up 21%, based on Public Health Wales’ statistics.  The sexual health numbers change quarterly.

British Association of Sexual Health and HIV President, Dr. Olwen Williams blamed dating apps and said Welsh services needed more cash.  The Welsh Government said it will finance many sexual health projects.

Dr Williams said: “We’re seeing a genuine rise in STIs, if we were just seeing an increase in testing, then our figures would look slightly different, but it feels that way.”  “Certainly … Read the rest

How Club Drugs Affect Different Societies And Measures To Curb Them

The problem of drug abuse is prevalent among youths particularly teenagers and young adults in the UK. The practice is also common among other members of society who belong to low-income groups. Club drugs are commonly used and abused by different groups of young people, and these substances affect the users in many ways.  The hard part is finding club drugs support groups.

The issue of substance abuse is a cause for concern since it also negatively impacts the families of the people who abuse drugs. Different researches indicate that more than one million people use different types of drugs every year. The government also spends a lot of money on medical expenses and support … Read the rest

Synthetic Drugs Are Cheaper But Not Better

Synthetic Drugs Are Low-Quality

There are a set of scary stories out there about the potential dangers of taking synthetic drugs like bath salts and Spice. Users can feel invincible, like feeling they have superpowers and find themselves in life-threatening situations. Some may experience delusions and paranoia so severe that their actions land them in prison.

Others may take such a bad trip that they never return. There are stories from the US and UK of teens having sex with trees while calling themselves Thor, which may sound humorous on the surface. Sadly, the reality is far from it.… Read the rest

Hair Follicle Drug Tests Are Not Quite As Foolproof As We Thought

The hair follicle drug test is one of the popular options available now for workplace drug testing. Urine testing is more prevalent, but hair sample testing is more accurate and lasts longer. The public has long believed that the hair follicle test is foolproof.

There is plenty of evidence of government labs and other official testers turning to this newer method because of its many benefits over the standard urine sample in drug testing. However, there are some cheats to beat the test, and several proven ways to pass a hair drug test today exist.  And given the number of comments on that website, it’s clear that many people are trying them.

As a … Read the rest

Keep Ketamine Away From Kids


Ketamine is a schedule III drug in the US with a higher risk than some users may realize. As with most street and club drugs, there are many different terms used to describe it. Common slang names refer to the K of Ketamine, such as Super K, Special K, and Vitamin K. Other names include Cat Tranquilizer and Cat Valium. These names refer to the original purpose of this drug.

What Is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a form of anaesthetic from veterinarian practices. This “cat tranquilizer” was once used for that very purpose. It is now taken from these offices for sale on the street. The immediate danger with this synthetic drug … Read the rest

K2 Or Spice Can Be Lethal, Even IF IT IS Legal

Synthetic Drugs(K2 Or Spice)

It is far too easy for young people to assume that legal and illegal drugs are either right or bad. Criminalized drugs must be unsafe, while legal drugs are safe to take with no consequences. The problem is that this black-and-white image doesn’t accurately represent the world of dangerous substances.

The best example of this is K2, otherwise known as Spice or Synthetic Marijuana. K2 was once legal on a technicality but is now banned. Government officials are keen to see all “legal highs” like this banned. This is because these drugs are potent, unregulated and highly dangerous.

K2 And Other Synthetic Drugs Are Not Legal To Buy Because Of

Read the rest

The STD/STI Capital Of England Is London And Gonorrhoea Is Rising

STD/STI  Testing

The prevalence of STIs and the effectiveness of STD testing clinics are important issues in UK healthcare. Recent data has shown that there is work to do in both areas. Public Health England issued a report in October 2016 outlining the impact of STIs and their increase in 2015. Overall, the total number of new STI diagnoses did decrease. This equated to a 3% decrease in around 435,000 cases, making London on par with New York City’s STD rates.

This is largely due to a decrease in STD testing for genital warts, HPV, and chlamydia. However, there are concerns over the correlation between reduced accessibility to testing and positive diagnoses. Chlamydia remains a … Read the rest

What Are Club Drugs?

Introduction Of Club Drugs

Raves and drugs go hand in hand. The culture of the rave and clubbing, and the style of music, all contribute to the ongoing popularity of drug use. This is not just a phenomenon of the 1990s. Club drugs are still used across the country, and the range of options is growing.

The Number One Choice In Club Drugs For Most Ravers Is Ecstasy

When we think of club drugs, we tend to immediately think of ecstasy and its related substances. This means ecstasy pills, MDMA powder, and new drugs like Molly. Some clubbers and ravers are under the impression that Molly and MDMA are the same things. This is not … Read the rest

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