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Molly is a phenomenon we tend to associate with American youth culture. Young adults are using this drug as fun, cheap alternative to ecstasy to get high on nights out. It is the pinnacle club drug right now because of its place in the EDM scene and modern culture. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t fear the use of Molly in the UK. There is nothing to stop this alternative drug from flooding the British club scene.

In fact, Mandy, as it is sometimes known here, is around. The presence of this drug is a concern because of its potential dangers and a lack of information about its origin. Drug users need to be more aware of the true nature of Molly before they decide to use it.

What Is Molly?


The problem with this synthetic form of ecstasy is that users can get confused about its ingredients from the start. Many take this drug because they believe it is a cheap form of pure MDMA. MDMA is like ecstasy but is often preferred because of its potency.

Some take MDMA in bombs for a stronger hit. Molly is preferable because it is a cheap, accessible tablet like ecstasy. They are tiny colorful pills with fun names – easy to carry, deal out and take. In theory, users are getting the best of both worlds here with the price, strength, and convenience.

The main problem is that these pills are often not 100% MDMA at all. This is why they are so much cheaper and more accessible. Manufacturers mix MDMA with other chemicals at various strengths and create those attractive pills. This means that users cannot be sure of the strength or chemical composition of the drugs that they are taking.

Does it have 60% MDMA and 40% unknown chemicals? Is it 90% MDMA and 10% unknown chemicals? This is the gamble of taking Molly. To make matters worse, there are many more manufacturers that are creating drugs with no MDMA at all. In fact, the DEA in the US claimed that only 13% of the drugs they seized contained MDMA.

Why Is This Risk So Dangerous?

This lack of regulation means that there is no certainty over what users are ingesting. Instead of creating one new club drug, we have countless versions of a synthetic substance.

If we knew what chemicals the makers are cutting the MDMA with, we could have a clearer idea of what is around. Unfortunately, there is no likely culprit. Makers really can use anything they want to make a cheaper, attractive product. This includes:

  • Psychoactive substances that mimic MDMA, like Methylone, MDPV, 4-MEC, 4-MMC, Pentedrone, and MePP.
  • Stimulants such as amphetamine, cocaine, caffeine or methamphetamine.
  • Anesthetics such as ketamine or dextromethorphan.

The use of the chemicals listed above is alarming as some are now used in legal highs such as synthetic cushions. This means that a seeming pure, safe tablet of Molly could be no better than those dangerous bath salts.

The wider the range of chemicals, the lower the chance of understanding the nature of the drug. There is no way to be entirely sure of the potential side effects.

The Drugs Mimic The Same Effect As MDMA And Ecstasy So Users Don’t Know The Difference.

Many users will experience the same feelings of euphoria and a need for social interaction. The same side effects are also likely, such as a rapid heartbeat, poor temperature regulation, sweating and jaw clenching.

The problem with unregulated Molly is that the potency of the chemicals can make the situation worse. This rapid heartbeat could become dangerous. Some deal with panic attacks and seizures and may not survive.

The Growing Issues Mean That Young Users Are At A Greater Risk Than They Realize.

The final issue to look at here is the target market. The key demographic for Molly is young because it is a club drug. This is often their first introduction to drugs. Ecstasy was once the easy way into drug use for teens and students heading to parties and nightclubs.

Molly could overtake it. The naivety of these users means that they are often clueless. They have no idea what they are taking, how much to take or what to do if it all goes wrong. A lack of education on the subject can only make things worse.

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