The Truth About Synthetic Marijuana

Introduction Of Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic marijuana sounds like the ideal alternative for drug users that can’t obtain the illegal, natural weed. Drug users that cannot get their preferred fix will look for the next best thing. The issue here is that synthetic marijuana is far from it. It is more dangerous and disturbing with poor regulation and communication over its ingredients. That is not another form of weed.

That is a plant material sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids and other chemicals to create a quick, simple high. Their reputation has exploded in recent years, with devastating effect. A recent ban of K2 and Spice came in to combat the issue, but the problem goes much deeper.

Why Is Synthetic Marijuana So Popular?


The simple answer here is availability. This is not your normal weed that you can get from a dealer. This is a synthetic product that people manufacture, it gets a fun street name and is then packaged up. They take pride of place on shelves in head shops and online stores for anyone that will buy them.

This is why the names of synthetic marijuana can be confusing. We have all heard of K2 and Spice as slang names for these drugs. However, there are countless names on these packages. They are all made to appeal to the youth market, and they are all affordable.

Then there is the issue of legality. Marijuana – the real, natural weed – is illegal in the UK. It is only bought and sold via underground, illegal measures. The same should be true of K2 and Spice thanks to the ban on psychoactive substances. Psychoactive substances for human consumption are illegal. This is why you see so many screen cleaners, plant foods and potpourri for sale in the same eye-catching packages.

Of course, the another reason why synthetic marijuana is so popular is that it does the job. There are many teens, homeless people and people on low incomes that are using synthetic marijuana as a cheap fix. The high is strong. Some products can be stronger than others. That is the chance of the draw with these legal highs. You never quite know what you are going to get. Either way, many feel that they are worth the gamble because of the likelihood of the high they crave.

These Synthetic Drugs Are Dangerous, And The Side Effects Need To Be Better Understood

Synthetic marijuana seems like fun, the simple product for many young people. School children see it as a laugh because of the nature of the product. They perhaps feel that it isn’t a right drug. This is not the case at all. The chemicals and composition of these drugs are potent and potentially lethal. Many of the stories surrounding K2 and Spice talk of people acting erratically.

Users can experience anxiety and psychosis at dangerous levels. Those that are alone or in public risk causing harm to themselves or others. In some cases, the episodes can lead to seizures and heart attacks. Kidney damage and depression are also potential long-term side effects from synthetic drug use. A fun trip to a head shop for a packet of Black Mamba can soon turn into a crippling addiction.

Simply put, these drugs are very addictive, and this causes a lot of problems on Britain’s streets. We may not see the massive emergencies and “zombie outbreaks” reported in US media. However, that doesn’t mean that the damage isn’t there. There are lots of people that can attest to bad experiences from taking synthetic marijuana. Then there are those that can’t because that last gamble on an unknown product killed them.

What Is The Future Of Synthetic Marijuana Use In The UK?

The situation is sure to get worse before its gets better. As government agencies work to ban specific substances under specific laws, manufacturers find loopholes. Makers of synthetic marijuana change the rules, change their formula and alter their packaging.

That makes it even harder to resolve what is inside the packet. It also saturates the market to breaking point with new products that are perhaps even more dangerous. Experts in America are calling for the legalization of marijuana to eliminate the need for synthetic alternatives. It is an interesting idea for the UK too, but one that the government is unlikely to be that interested in.


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