The Club Drug Clinic In Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

Club Drug Clinic

The Club Drug Clinic is a facility that is at the cutting edge of addiction treatment, research and support in London. They work with Imperial College London to provide evidence for treatments and therapies and have a lot of experience with the subject. What does this mean for addicts that choose to go there? How are they able to help?

What Sort Of Treatment Options Can Patients Expect At This Clinic?

Club Drug Clinic

It is important that all users dealing with drug addiction recovery get the right sort of counseling and support. This means spending time with a wide range of professionals and mentors that can guide them through the process. The specialist team at this Chelsea & Westminster Hospital facility come from all different areas.

Some doctors and nurses can help patients deal with the effects of addiction and withdrawal. Some counselors and psychologists help users with the psychiatric and emotional side of dependency. There are even peer mentors that are there to provide empathy through real life experience.

It is important that treatment comes through more than just the right pill at the right time. Medically assisted withdrawal and detoxification are a must. However, the clinic appreciates that they are not a sole solution. There is also the chance to deal with deeper medical problems that are the result of drug dependency.

These can include kidney and bladder issues and sexual health screening. Each patient undergoes the assessment to understand the depth of the situation and provide a positive action plan. This relates to the psychological care and talking treatment received.

What Types Of Drug Addition Are This Medical Professional And Peer Mentors Able To Deal With?

The main focus of the clinic is club-based drugs. A club drug is the sort of substance that users take recreationally in clubs and raves. Many immediately think of ecstasy, MDMA and other related drugs, such as Molly. These drugs are a priority here, as are cocaine, meth, ketamine, amphetamines, legal highs and much more.

The staff here are also keen to point out that there is no discrimination. All users from all backgrounds are welcome. The focus is clearly on young adult clubbers, the youth demographic that may slip through the cracks with general health services.

Users of any age, race or sexuality are welcome within this group. They even work in partnership with Antidote to provide a relatable service for the LGBT community. They appreciate that some may choose not to come forward because of additional issues of sexual health. This is why they are keen to promote their sexual health screening facilities.

Any Drug Addict Is Welcome At The Clinic, And They Can Be Sure Of A Beneficial, Personal Plan For Recovery

The Club Drug Clinic is a vital resource for counseling services for all kinds of people dealing with drug addiction recovery. It offers support on many levels, so users get the right psychiatric, emotional and medical guidance for their situation. Addiction to club drugs can be a debilitating uphill battle. This organization promises to make it a little bit easier to manage.

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